Tip Realizatori Titlul articolui Secțiunea Pagina Limba
articol de periodic FERNANDEZ, Arias (autor) , PEREZ, Alvarez (autor) A note on harmonic differentials 713-718
articol de periodic CARAGIU, Mihai (autor) Multivariate interpolation by absolutely irreducible polynomials over finite fields 719-724
articol de periodic CHO, Muneo (autor) , JEON, I.H. (autor) , JUNG, I.B. (autor) , LEE, J.I. (autor) , TANAHASHI, K. (autor) Joint spectra of n-tuples of generalized aluthge transformations 725-730
articol de periodic CUCULESCU, Ioan (autor) , THEODORESCU, Radu (autor) Copulas: diagonals, tracks 731-742
articol de periodic KOHR, Gabriela (autor) Using the method of lowner chains to introduce some subclasses of biholomorphic mappings in Cn 743-760
articol de periodic KUSUDA, Masaharu (autor) Morita equivalence for scattered C*-algebras and the Radon-Nikodym property for imptimitivity bimodules 761-773
articol de periodic MATSUMOTO, Koji (autor) , MIHAI, Ion (autor) , OIAGĂ, Adela (autor) Ricci curvature of submanifolds in contex space forms 775-782
articol de periodic MOROZAN, Toader (autor) Linear quadratic control and tracking problems for time-varying strochastic differential systems perturbed by a Markov Chain 783-804
articol de periodic POPESCU, Emil (autor) , POPESCU, Nicolae (autor) , VRACIU, C. (autor) Completion of the spectral extension of p-adic valuation 805-817
articol de periodic SCĂRLĂTESCU-MUREA, Silvia (autor) The category of bundles of locally C*-Algebras 819-837
articol de periodic SEBE, Gabriela (autor) Gauss' problem for the continued fraction expansion with ODD partial quotients revisited 839-852
articol de periodic ȚIGOIU, Victor (autor) The free energy of a third grade fluid 853-863
articol de periodic ȚIGOIU, Victor (autor) Math into - Gratzer G. 865-865
articol de periodic IONESCU, Cristodor (autor) Polynomial Aotomorphisms and the Jacobian Conjecture - van den Essen Arno 865-866
articol de periodic IONESCU, Cristodor (autor) Proofs and Fundamentals: A first Course in Abstract Mathematics - Bloch E.D. 866-867
articol de periodic PURICE, Radu (autor) Commuting Elements in q-Deformed Heisenberg Algebras - Hellstrom L., Silverstrov 867-868
articol de periodic PURICE, Radu (autor) Physical Combinatorics - Kashiwaia M., Miwa T. 868-869