Câteva observaţii cu privire la importurile romane din mormintele sarmatice din Muntenia

  • Subiect: Some observations about the roman imports found in the sarmatian grave in Wallachia This paper tries to emphasize some of the characteristics of the Roman imports found in the Sarmatian graves in Wallachia. Import mean any item produced in one of the Roman provinces that arrived in barbaricum regardless of the circumstances (trade, robbery expeditions or diplomatic gifts). The archaeological discoveries attributed to Sarmatians do not spread all over Wallachia, but are concentrated in some regions. Despite the small size of the territory of Wallachia and the relative small number of Sarmatian discoveries, the differences between the groups of Sarmatians from different micro-regions seem to be obvious, at least regarding the deposition of Roman imports in the graves. A general statement like that of the low numerical frequency of Roman items discovered in Sarmatian graves in Wallachia must be supplemented with other significant details regarding the territorial distribution of Roman imports in a certain area, the typology and the chronology of items produced in the Roman Empire.
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  • Vezi publicația: Acta Terrae Fogarasiensis: ActaTF
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  • Anul publicaţiei: 2015
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