Holera, inamicul campaniei din 1913 / Cholera, the enemy of the 1913 military campaign

  • Subiect: The tactical success of the Romanian Army in the military campaign of 1913, a result of the plans drawn up by the Romanian General Staff, must be analyzed taking into consideration the fact that the troops were not involved in any armed confrontations. The Romanian Army, as well as the Turkish troops, did not meet the Bulgarian troops on the theatre of operations. The private correspondences of soldiers from the 5th Romanian Army Corps, which fought in the Cadrilater, sometimes prove a certain festive atmosphere or, at least, an excellent state of mind and the lack of worries. As long as they did not have to deal with cholera, for many soldiers the 1913 campaign was comparable to military manoeuvres or even to a documentary trip. The outbreak of the cholera epidemic during the 1913 campaign put the Romanian Army in an unprecedented situation.
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