The water shortage in the soil and its influence upon the cultivated plants

  • Subiect: „Cultivated plants need special climatic conditions in order to develop and, implicitly, in order to offer a more substantial and qualitative crop. The environmental factors that influence the culture of the plants are: the water, the soil, the air, the nutritive substances, but also some other factors that have an important effect upon the plants and which are represented by: the relief, the wind, the animals, other plants, and, of course, the anthropic factors. Light represents one of the environmental factors that are indispensable to all plants, in its presence being possible the process of photosynthesis. The oxygen from the air is necessary to the plants’ breath, and water is undoubtedly the one that maintains life, having an active participation to all the vital processes of the plant and adjusting the body temperature. It also stands for the developmental environment of the nutritive substances, conferring to the cells and to the plants’ texture the so called turgescence. There have been numerous researches during the last few years in what concerns the influence of these environmental factors upon plants and it was proved that the excess, as well as the deficit of one or another of these elements spoils the plant’ s existence, the plant manifesting different symptoms that strengthen in time. The most frequent of all these are: the slowing down or the cease of growing; the yellow coloring and falling of the leaves; the spinning and drying of the leaves; the blossoms’ falling; the flowers’ falling before being withered. Of course, researchers have described minutely in diploma papers or in other special work those factors, which have, in the same measure, a distinct impact upon the growing and development of plants, especially when they act simultaneously. In this paper it is taken into consideration the quantity of water from the soil and the influence of the water shortage upon the plants in Barlad area, component of Vaslui district.”
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  • Vezi publicația: Acta Musei Tutovensis: ActaMT
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  • Anul publicaţiei: 2010
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