Avifauna lacurilor piscicole de la Ariniş (Jud. Maramureş)

  • Subiect: The fish lakes from Arinis are situated in the South- Western Plateau of Baia Mare. There are four lakes on a surface of more than 100 hectares near the village of Arinis and they have been exploited for more than three decades, with different periods of pause necessary to the fish harvest. The research allowed the identification of some rare fish species and some special concentrations of typical birds (ducks, seagulls, etc.). The 43 identified species mainly belong to only four bird groups typical to the wet areas: Podicipediforms (3 species), Ciconiiforms (6 species), Anseriforms (11 species) and Caradriiforms (13 species). Most of these birds belong to the zoo-geographic palearctic type (18 species) and the Holarctic one (11 species).
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  • Vezi publicația: Satu Mare - Studii şi Comunicări
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  • Anul publicaţiei: 2001-2003
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