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articol de periodic MURGULESCU, Ilie (autor) , BOZEȘANU, Malania (autor) Kinetics of the slow ox idation reaction of methane in dynamic system 1637-1648
articol de periodic MARCHIDAN, Dumitru (autor) , VASU, Laura (autor) The heats of melting in the binary mixtures: AgCl+AgBr and AgNO3+NaNO3 1649-1655
articol de periodic MARCHIDAN, Dumitru (autor) , CIOPEC, M. (autor) High temperature enthalpy and related thermodynamic functions of non-stoichiometric uranium oxides 1657-1667
articol de periodic VÎLCU, Rodica (autor) , GEORGESCU, Nicolae (autor) The oxidation of organic bibasic acids in mixtures of fused salts. I. The decarboxylation of oxalic acid in molten alkali metal nitrates 1669-1677
articol de periodic VÎLCU, Rodica (autor) , CIOCHINĂ, A. (autor) Measurement of Thermal conductivoty by the hot-wire method 1679-1687
articol de periodic STERNBERG, Solomon (autor) , PETRESCU, Valeria (autor) , GALASIU, I. (autor) Chlorine adsorption on active carbon in the molten salts systems: LiCl-KCl. PbCl2-KCl, Kcl-NaCl 1689-1696
articol de periodic STERNBERG, Solomon (autor) , GALASIU, I. (autor) L'electrode halogene - charbon dans les electrolytes fondus. VII. L'adsorption du brome sur les electrodes de Charbon active 1697-1704
articol de periodic TOPOR, Letiția (autor) , MOLDOVEANU, Ivona (autor) Molecular association of the gaseous magnesium, cadmium and zinc chlorides 1705-1713
articol de periodic SOLACOLU, Șerban (autor) , ZAHARESCU, Maria (autor) Phase equilibria of the CaO-TiO2-V2O5 system 1715-1721
articol de periodic SPACU, Petru (autor) , CISMARU, G. (autor) Electrical conductivity of intermetallic compounds of the phaseodymium-thallium syszem 1723-1728
articol de periodic ALBESCU, Ileana (autor) Contributions to the study of lanthanides with biguanide derivates. III. Europium and gadolinium compounds with paludrine 1729-1734
articol de periodic GLATZ, Alice (autor) , RĂZUȘ, Alexandru (autor) , BADEA, Florin (autor) , NENIȚESCU, Costin (autor) Aluminiumchloride catalyzed condensation of 1,2-dichloro-cyclohexanes with benzene isonerisation of diphenyl-cyclohexanes 1735-1745
articol de periodic BROSER, Edda (autor) , BODEA, Cornel (autor) Uber phenothiazone. XIX. 4-amino-und 4-amino-halogen-phenothiazone 1747-1753
articol de periodic NUȚĂ, Violeta (autor) , FELDMAN, Dorel (autor) , SIMIONESCU, Cristofor (autor) Photocopolymerization of acrylonitrile with methacrylic esters in the presence of anthraquinone dyes 1755-1764
articol de periodic CĂLIN, Camelia (autor) , DIAMANDESCU, Ecaterina (autor) , BĂLOIU, Liviu (autor) Spectrophotometric determination of the dicyanourate (I) ion with paranitral green 1765-1769
articol de periodic BLAZSEK-BODO, Agnes (autor) , LITEANU, Candin (autor) The use of the salt effect in acid-base titration performed in organmic medium III. A study regarding the analytical behaviour of aromatic acids in methyl alcohol in the the presence of Ca(NO3)2 1771-1777
articol de periodic DRĂGĂNESCU, A. (autor) , BICĂ, I. (autor) , ȘERBAN, S. (autor) , PAVLOVSCHI, Ana (autor) Gas chromatograăphic separation of hydrogen, methane, hydrogen sulphide and carbon sisulphide mixtures 1779-1781
articol de periodic FLOREA, I. (autor) Spectrophotometrical determination of ortho-tolidine with sodium hydrochloride 1783-1787