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articol de periodic MURGULESCU, Ilie (autor) , POPA, E. (autor) , IVANA, Eugenia (autor) Electronic absorption spectra of silver galides in passing from solid to molden state 189-193
articol de periodic IOSIF, Ileana (autor) , SCHNEIDER, I. (autor) , VOLANSCHI, C. (autor) Some aspects of the cool flame and low-temperature ignition of methane 195-201
articol de periodic SOLACOLU, Șerban (autor) , CERCHEZ, M. (autor) , SEGAL, Eugen (autor) Kinetics of the formation reactions of oxydic compounds in solid phase through differential thermal analysis 203-210
articol de periodic ADORIAN, Iudita (autor) Temperature and concentration dependence of molar polarization in binary mixtures of polar liquids with nonpolar solvent 211-219
articol de periodic STERNBERG, Solomon (autor) , VIȘAN, T. (autor) The determination of the diffisive and capacitive current in the chronopotentiometry of the molden salt systems (Na, Ag)NO3 and (K,Ag)NO3 221-231
articol de periodic MATEIOVICI, Ovidiu (autor) Study of electrochemical forming of surface oxides in the active carbon electrode 233-238
articol de periodic IORDACHE, O. (autor) , MUNTEAN, Marcela (autor) , TEOREANU, Ion (autor) Stochastic modeling of chemical processes 239-246
articol de periodic POPEA, Florica (autor) , CHIRALEU, F. (autor) , STĂNOIU, Ileana (autor) , BALABAN, Alexandru (autor) New uranyl compounds with pyrimidine derivatives 247-255
articol de periodic GÎRD, Eugenia (autor) , CHIRALEU, Filip (autor) , STĂNOIU, Ileana (autor) , BALABAN, Alexandru (autor) Isotopic exchange of active methyl hydrogens. VII. Kinetic study of 2,4,6-trimethylpyrylium salts in deuterium oxide 257-261
articol de periodic IOVU, M. (autor) , ANGELESCU, Anca (autor) Phenyl benzyl sulphides 263-268
articol de periodic DRIMUȘ, Iosif (autor) , IONESCU, Ioan (autor) Der einfluss der kettenlange einiger n-alkane auf ihre peroxydiedierungsgeschwindigkeit mit molekularen sauerstoff, in flussiger phase 269-274
articol de periodic BACALOGLU, Radu (autor) , BADER, B.D. (autor) Neuw organische pigmente - isatinderivate. III. Studium der IR-spektren riniger 2-arylaminoindoxyle-und 3-aryliminooxindole 275-282
articol de periodic KEREK, Francisc (autor) , MOȚOC, Ioan (autor) Matrizielle charakterisierung der struktur und topologie der organischen vertindungen. I. Konstitution 283-288
articol de periodic MOȚOC, Ioan. (autor) , KEREK, Francisc (autor) Matrizielle charakterisierung der struktur und topologie der organischen vertindungen. II. Konfiguration, chiralitat 289-296
articol de periodic KHALAF, Ali (autor) Modern Friedel-Crafts chemistry. I. Cyclialkylations of some secondary and tertiary phenylalkyl chlorides in the presence of the mild AlCl3/CH3NO2 and FeCl3 catalysts 297-304
articol de periodic CIOBANU, N. (autor) , BOGHINĂ, C. (autor) , MĂRCULESCU, B. (autor) , AMĂLINEI, I. (autor) On the reactivity of N-vienylcaprolactam in radicalic polymerization 305-317
articol de periodic LITEANU, Candin (autor) , POPESCU, Ionel (autor) Studies on the electroanalytical behabiour of membrane-electrodes under current I. Current-membrane potential curves for the parchment membrane-electrode imprrgnated with BaSO4 319-326
articol de periodic SIMIONESCU, Cristofor (autor) , BENEDEK, I. (autor) , IOAN, Silvia (autor) , ASANDEI, N. (autor) Copolymerization reactions using organic titatium derivatives-aluminium alkyl complees. VII 327-246
articol de periodic INȚA, Ioan (autor) , MĂRGINEANU, Petre (autor) The ferromagnetic resonance of nickel-chromia catalyst 347-252