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articol de periodic SAHINI, Victor (autor) , TELEA, Liliana (autor) Molecular interactions in anisidine isomers. I. Dipole moments 321-325
articol de periodic BELDIE, Rodica (autor) , BUTUCELEA, A. (autor) , SAHINI, Victor (autor) The carbon-carbon stretchhing frequency in ethane, ethane-d6 and ethane-t6 327-331
articol de periodic VÎLCU, Rodica (autor) , DE, Madrinan (autor) , IRINEI, Florica (autor) Thermodynamic properties of electrolyte solutions. V. Differential cryoscopy in NaCl+CuCl2+H2O and KCl+CuCl2+H2O ternary systems and in associated binaries 333-341
articol de periodic VÎLCU, Rodica (autor) , CENUȘE, Zoica (autor) Activity coeficients and hydrogen bond energy from calorimetric measurements 343-350
articol de periodic NUȚIU, R. (autor) , SIMON, Z. (autor) , DRUGĂRIN, C. (autor) Molecular orbital study of 2-thio-5-nitro-barbizuric acid 355-358
articol de periodic POPESCU, Ludmila (autor) Influence of the cell diaphragm on the electromotive force of concentration cells with transport in molten salts 359-365
articol de periodic GHEORGHIU, Anca (autor) , FĂTU, D. (autor) , SEGAL, Eugen (autor) Critical considerations on the nonisothermal methods for the evaluation of the kinetic parameters of endothermal decompositions in solid-gas systems. Nickel acetate tetrahydrate dehydration 367-372
articol de periodic MAVRODIN-TĂRĂBÎC, Maria (autor) , ONACA, Ioana (autor) , SOLACOLU, I. (autor) Contribution a l'etude de la source chimique de courant Zn/MOH/O2. III. La determination des parametres optimaux de fonctionnement pour une pile a cathode en argent 373-383
articol de periodic MARCU, Gheorghe (autor) , RUSU, Mariana (autor) Heteropolytunfstates with U(IV) as central atom I. Photocolorimetrical study of the formation of heteropolycombination UL2 where L=PW11O39 and P2W21O21 385-390
articol de periodic CONSTANTINESCU, Cecilia (autor) , CONSTANTINESCU, Gheorghe (autor) Einfluss von methoxyl-subastituent auf die reaction zwischen (TlBr) und malachitgrun 391-400
articol de periodic ISSOPOULOS, P. (autor) Complex chelate compounds of Mo(VI) and W(VI) iso and heteropolyanions with chrome azurol S.I. Complex chelate compounds of Mo(VI) and W(VI) isopolyanions 401-406
articol de periodic BREAZEANU, Maria (autor) , JITARU, Ioana (autor) Coordination compoumds with iron-tin bonds 407-412
articol de periodic POPEA, Florica (autor) , MĂRCULESCU, Cristineta (autor) , TOMA, Zamfira (autor) Contributions to the coordination chemistry of phthalic acid derivatives. I. Condensation products of phthalic anhydride with m-phenylediamine as coordination ligands for copper 413-421
articol de periodic LEONTE, Candiano (autor) , ZUGRĂVESCU, Ion (autor) The reaction of pyridinium-cyano-carbalkoxy-methylids with &-nitroso-beta-naphthol, a route to naphthoxazinones 423-426
articol de periodic URSEANU, F. (autor) , FLORU, L. (autor) Bromamine acid-anthraquinonic intermediate used in dyes syntheses 427-445
articol de periodic IOVU, M. (autor) , VOINA, Ecaterina (autor) Mixed aromatic ewsters of phosphoric acid 447-453
articol de periodic VLASSA, M. (autor) Exo-and endohormones. I. Application of the ketone activation to the synthesis of the melanocyte inhibiting factor 455-459
articol de periodic ANTONESCU, Elena (autor) , VASILESCU, Ecaterina (autor) The corrosion of some steels in synthetic river waters, in heat transfer conditions 461-467
articol de periodic BALTĂ, Petru (autor) , SPURCACIU, C. (autor) Study of the formation and homogenization processes of the melts by means of EMF measurements 469-480
articol de periodic BALABAN, Alexandru (autor) Mossbauer Spectroscopy - Gonser V. 481-481
articol de periodic CUIBAN, Flavian (autor) Carbanions: Mechanics and Isotopic Aspects - Buncel E. 481-482