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articol de periodic ELIAN, Mihai (autor) Conformational preferences in substituted 5H-dibenzo (A,d) - cycloheptenes: the influence of a carbon-bonded substituent in position 5 281-297
articol de periodic ELIAN, Mihai (autor) , DELEANU, Călin (autor) , ROȘCA, Sorin (autor) From camphor to bis(3-(trifluoroacetyl)-camphorato)barium(II) in a one step synthesis 299-303
articol de periodic HOFFMANN, Roald (autor) Creation and discovery 305-308
articol de periodic BANCIU, Mircea (autor) , ELIAN, Mihai (autor) , BANCIU, Anca (autor) , DRĂGHICI, Constantin (autor) , STĂNESCU, Ligia (autor) , PHAN, Le (autor) , CIORĂNESCU, Ecaterina (autor) Carbonium ion reactions. XX. Synthesis and acetolysis of 8-chroromethyl-dibenzo (b,d)bicyclo(5.1.o)octo-2,4-diene 309-322
articol de periodic UNCUȚA, Cornelia (autor) , CHIRALEU, Filip (autor) , GHEORGHIU, Mircea (autor) , BALABAN, Alexandru (autor) Reactions of pyrylium salts with necleophiles. XV. Stereoisomers of polyarxlppyridinium salts and their interconversion 323-338
articol de periodic GHEORGHIU, Mircea (autor) , SCHIKETANZ, Iosif (autor) , SCHIKETANZ, Ana (autor) , BALABAN, Alexandru (autor) 13C-NMR spectral assignments for 2,5-diarylthiazoles 339-343
articol de periodic SCHIKETANZ, Iosif (autor) , ȘTEFĂNESCU, Andrei (autor) , GHEORGHIU, Mircea (autor) , SCHIKETANZ (autor) , BALABAN, Alexandru (autor) Aminoketone, oxazole and thiazole syntheses. Part CII. 2,5-diarythiazoles from thioazlactones and aromatic hydrocarbons 345-348
articol de periodic DELEANU, Călin (autor) , BALABAN, Alexandru (autor) Chemical graphs. Part 53. Benzo and polybenzo-derivatives of valence isomers of (12)annulene 349-391
articol de periodic SUPURAN, Claudiu (autor) , ANDRUH, Marius (autor) , PUȘCAȘ, Ioan (autor) Carboc anhydrase inhibitors. I. Metal complexes of sulfonamides: a novel class of carbonic anhydrase inhibitors 393-397
articol de periodic SUPURAN, Claudiu (autor) , BALABAN, Alexandru (autor) , GHEORGHIU, Mircea (autor) , SCHIKETANZ, Ana (autor) , DINCULESCU, Antonie (autor) , PUȘCAȘ, Ioan (autor) Carboc anhydrase inhibitors. II. Membrane-impermeable derivatines of 1,3,4-thiadiazole-2-sulfonamide 399-405
articol de periodic HERDAN, Jean (autor) , DINOIU, Vasile (autor) , NEGHEA, Aurelia (autor) , GHEORGHIU, Mircea (autor) , SCHKETANZ, Ana (autor) , GIURGINCA, Maria (autor) , BALABAN, Alexandru (autor) Synthesis and EPR spectra of persisitent aroxyls. IV. Ortho, ortho-disubstituded phenols possessing in the para-position a 2-bonded-1,3-dicarbonyliu (or a functionally related) group 407-414
articol de periodic MARTON, Anca (autor) , BOLOGA, Ursula (autor) , BALABAN, Teodor (autor) , GHEORGHIU, Mircea (autor) , BALABAN, Alexandru (autor) H-NMR assignment for 2,4-diaryl-pyrylium salts and pyridines having fused 5-or 6-membered saturated rings bridging 5,5-positions 415-419
articol de periodic ONICIU, Daniela (autor) , NEGOIȚĂ, Nicolae (autor) , MORJAN, Marilena (autor) , GHEORGHIU, Mircea (autor) , BALABAN, Alexandru (autor) Synthesis of substituted benzoins and the corresponding bis-1,2-enedithiol complexes of nickel, platinum and palladium 421-426
articol de periodic GHEORGHIU, Mircea (autor) , PÎRVULESCU, Luminița (autor) , TURDIBEKOV, K.M. (autor) , STRUCHIKOV, Y.T. (autor) Crystal and molecular structure of the 2-t-butyl-2-cyanocyclobitanones resulted from the cycloassition of moore's keteneto endo and exo-benzolyclobitanonorbornenes 427-435
articol de periodic ȘARAMET, Ioana (autor) , DRĂGHICI, Constantin (autor) , BANCIU, Mircea (autor) Interactions of substituted five-membered heteroaromatic compounds with electron acceptors. II Interaction of 2-(p-bromophenylsulphonyl)-thenyl-5-ethylamido-1,3,4-thiadiazole with tetracyanoethene 437-444
articol de periodic RĂZUȘ, Alexandru (autor) , CHIRALEU, Filip (autor) , IANCU, Adrian (autor) Solvolyses in substituted cyclopropylcarbinylic systems. 8. Solvolyses of 1-aryl-cyclopropylethanols and their 3,5-dinitrobenzoates 445-452
articol de periodic RĂILEANU, Dan (autor) Mesoionic oxazolones. IV. Protonation of planar and nonplanar acylated compounds 459-466
articol de periodic LUCA, Constantin (autor) , MUTIHAC, Lucia (autor) , CONSTANTINESCU, Titus (autor) Separation of amino acids by liquid membranes with macrocyclic carriers 467-473
articol de periodic SILAGHI-DUMITRESCU, Ioan (autor) , HAIDUC, Ionel (autor) The electronic structure of (H3SiNSiH3) anion. A simple molecular orbital treatment 475-484
articol de periodic BALABAN, Alexandru (autor) Synthesis and applications of isotopically labelled compounds 485-486
articol de periodic BALABAN, Alexandru (autor) Ma Th/Chem/Comp - Lacher R.C. 486-487
articol de periodic BALABAN, Alexandru (autor) Synthese, Gewinnung und charakterisierung von Arzneistoffen - Elicher T., Roth H. 487-487
articol de periodic DRĂGUȚAN, Valerian (autor) , DRĂGUȚAN, Ileana (autor) , CONDEIU, C. (autor) , GLATZ, Alice-Marie (autor) Friedel-crafts chemistry in alicyclic systems. V. Reaction of cyclohexylidebe and 1-cyclohexenyl-acetic acids with benzene in the presence of AlCl3.CH3NO2 as the catalyst 553-457