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articol de periodic BREZEANU, Maria (autor) , OLAR, Rodica (autor) , SUPURAN, Claudiu (autor) , STĂNICĂ, Nicolae (autor) , STOICESCU, Maria (autor) 1,3,4-thiadiazole derivatives. Part 6. Polynuclear complexes of 2-amino-5-mercapto-2,3,4-thiadiazole with Co(II) and Ni(II) 681-685
articol de periodic RUSU, Mariana (autor) , BOTAR, Alexandru (autor) , CURTICĂPEAN, Augustin (autor) Polyoxometalates with As(III) and U(IV) 687-693
articol de periodic SAHU, Rajesh (autor) , SONDHI, S.M. (autor) , GUPTA, Bina (autor) 1-(2'-amino aryl)-4,4,5-trimethyl-1,4,5,6-tetrahydro-6-hydroxy pyrimudine-3/3H) thione (HPT) as a ligand for the extraction and spectrophotometric determination of Fe(III) 695-701
articol de periodic CONTINEANU, Mihai (autor) Thermal decay kinetics of the radicals generated during the radiolysis of polyacrylamide (PAA) hydrolized to different extents 703-711
articol de periodic ANIȚESCU, Gheorghe (autor) , GĂINAR, Ioan (autor) , VÎLCU, Rodica (autor) Solubility of carbon dioxide in some solvents containing ketone group at high pressures 713-716
articol de periodic GOMMA, Gamal (autor) Corrosion of Tin in acetic acid 717-723
articol de periodic CATACULACU, Adriana (autor) , AGHERGHINEI, Ioan (autor) , BARON, Paul (autor) , TIMPU, Daniel (autor) Hydrogen bond self-association and chemical reactivity. II. Relations between hydrogen-bond association degree and isocyanate-alcohol reaction rate 725-731
articol de periodic BĂDESCU, Virgil (autor) , ZAHARESCU, Maria (autor) , VASILESCU, Adrian (autor) , RADU, Mihai (autor) The influence pf solvent on hydrolysis and condensation of tetraethoxysilane studied by GC-MS 733-740
articol de periodic DRAGOE, Diana (autor) , MĂRĂCINE, Luana (autor) , POPESCU, Veronica (autor) , POPESCU, Corneliu (autor) A dtudy of hydrogenated amorphous silicon )a-Si:H)/electrolyte interface by means of impedance spectroscopy 741-748
articol de periodic IACOMI, Felicia (autor) , POPOVICI, Eveline (autor) , RUSU, Gheorghe (autor) , GĂBURICI, Maria (autor) Structure and surface properties of natural clinoptilolite 749-874
articol de periodic STĂNCIUC, Gabriela (autor) , ZÎRNĂ, Nicolae (autor) , SPĂTARU, Nicolae (autor) , CONSTANTINESCU, Titus (autor) , CARAGHEORGHEOPOL, Agneta (autor) , CĂLDĂRATRU, Horia (autor) , BALABAN, Alexandru (autor) Factors affecting dtability and equilibria of feee radicals. XXII 755-761
articol de periodic ȘARAMET, Ioana (autor) , DRĂGHICI, Constantin (autor) , BANCIU, Mircea (autor) Reaction of 5-substituted-2-mercapto-1,3,4-thiadiazoles with &-haloketones and &-haloesters 763-771
articol de periodic ENESCU, Lucian (autor) , GHENCIULESCU, Aurelia (autor) Reaction of dibromo-o-quinodimethane with exo-and endo-benzocyclobuteno-norbornene 773-777
articol de periodic CRISTESCU, Carol (autor) , CZOBOR, Francisc (autor) As-triazine derivatives with potential therapeutic action. XXIV. Synthesis of 1-(tetrahydro-2-furanyl(-5(alkyl/aryl)thio-6-azauracil derivatives 779-783
articol de periodic DEHELEAN, Teodor (autor) , VÎLCEANU, Radu (autor) , CHANG-MING, Hu (autor) , GUȘATU, Nicolae (autor) Tensides a base d'acides organiques perfluorures et d'hydrolyse de keratine 785-789
articol de periodic SIMIONESCU, Cristofor (autor) , MANOLACHE, Sorin (autor) , MĂRCULESCU, Iulian (autor) , BADEA, Cristinel (autor) The plasma chemistry reflected in the electrical characteristics of systems for the diamond synthesis 791-798
articol de periodic ȘTUBIANU, Gheorghe (autor) , MARCU, Mihai (autor) , STREBA, Emilia (autor) , CAZACU, Maria (autor) Anionic polymerization of dimethylcyclosiloxanes mixtures 799-805
articol de periodic POPESCU, Ignat (autor) , VLAD, Cristina (autor) Macroreticular nitrilic networks 807-814
articol de periodic HAMCIUC, Corneliu (autor) , SAVA, Ion (autor) , HAMCIUC, Elena (autor) , BRUMĂ, Maria (autor) , MERCER, Frank (autor) , BELOMOINA, Natalia (autor) Fluorinated polyesterimides 815-821
articol de periodic GAVRILESCU, Maria (autor) , ROMAN, Rodica (autor) Flow regimes in bubble column reactors 823-834
articol de periodic UNGUREANU, Mihaela (autor) , ISOPESCU, Raluca (autor) Mathematical model for anodic oxidation process of dicarboxylic monoesters 835-844
articol de periodic CUIBAN, Flavian (autor) C.D. Nenitzescu - Life and Scientific Work - BanciuM., Balaban Alexandru 845-846
articol de periodic SEGAL, Eugen (autor) Special trents in thermal analysis - Paulik Ferenc 846-846
articol de periodic MAGER, Sorin (autor) , GROSU, Ion (autor) Conformational behaviour of six-membered rings. Analysis, dynamics and stereoelectronic effects - Juaristi Eusebio 846-847
articol de periodic IVANCIUC, Ovidiu (autor) Lims: Implementation and management - Nakagawa Allen 847-848