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articol de periodic RINGHIOPOL, I. (autor) L'etude du champ electro-aimant employe comme prisme magnetique 261-359
articol de periodic BARB, Dănilă (autor) , CONSTANTINESCU, Ș. (autor) , ȚARINĂ, D. (autor) Polarized gamma-rays trasnsition probabilities in the case of coupled electric and magnetic hyperfine interaction 263-274
articol de periodic ZBEREA, Irina (autor) On the character of the U3Si twinning 267-365
articol de periodic CORCIOVEY, A. (autor) , ADAM, Gheorghe (autor) A generalized approach to the calculation of the magnetostatic energy in thin ferro-magnetic films 275-289
articol de periodic PECHIU, Paul (autor) Absorption des ondes electromagnetiques de haute frequence en fonction de l'intenside du courant de decharge dans l'hydrogene 299-304
articol de periodic POENARU, Dorel (autor) , STUCK, R. (autor) , SIFFERT, P. (autor) Caracteristiques temporelles des detecteuurs coaxiaux Ge (Li) 305-318
articol de periodic CODREANU, Steliana (autor) On the equations governing the velocity and magnetic field correlation functions for an isotropic instationary hydromagnetic turbulence 319-327
articol de periodic LUPU, Gheorghe (autor) Stress (energy-momentum) tensor for a relativistic plasma 329-339
articol de periodic BERINDE, A. (autor) , NEAMU, I. (autor) , VLĂDUCĂ, G. (autor) A analysis of proton scattering on 32S 341-348
articol de periodic PROȚOP, C. (autor) Nuclear structure effects in the internal consersion of some magnetic dipole transitions in deformed nuclei 371-369
articol de periodic CORCIOVEI, Aretin (autor) , DOROBANȚU, I. (autor) Nonautonomous rate equations for giant pulse lasers: an example 371-373
articol de periodic LĂZĂRESCU, G. (autor) Kinetic parameters determination in a naturaL Uraniu-light water lattice by the pulsed source terchnique 375-379
articol de periodic ANGELESCU, Nicolae (autor) Cargese Lectures in Physics - Kastler D. 381-382