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articol de periodic GAVRILĂ, M. (autor) , ȚUGULEA, M. (autor) Compton scattering by L-shell electrons. II 209-230
articol de periodic ARDELEAN, P. (autor) , MERCEA, Victor (autor) , PAMULA, A. (autor) Charge transfer reactions of 8-160 Ev CH4+ ions with isotopic methanes 231-236
articol de periodic CHAKRABARTI, C.G. (autor) Statistics of thermal equilibrium 237-240
articol de periodic GRECU, D. (autor) On the plasma frequencies of a model electron gas in a layered thin film 241-247
articol de periodic PLĂVIȚU, C. (autor) Contribution of the phonon draf effect to the galvanomagnetic coefficients in polar semiconductor. II 249-258
articol de periodic BARB, Dănilă (autor) , DIAMANDESCU, L. (autor) Simulation of Mossbauer relaxation spectra case of effective spin S=1/2 259-271
articol de periodic ION, D. (autor) , TOPOR, V. (autor) The zeros of triple scattering parametrs and spin-parity determination of a resonance 283-297
articol de periodic PAPP, E. (autor) , IONESCU-PALLAS, Nicolae (autor) Relativistic time-operrator conjugated to the Hamilton operator 299-301
articol de periodic SIMOI, C. (autor) Forces ondostatiques enregistrees a l'aide d'une methode dynamique 303-304
articol de periodic GHEORGHIU, Octav (autor) , GIURGIU, Liviu (autor) The hydrogen Maser of the institute of physics in Bucharest, Romania 305-307
articol de periodic STERIAN, P. (autor) , PODOLEANU, A. (autor) Ciommunication system by pulse-modulation of a laser Varrier 309-310
articol de periodic SHARMA, V.K. (autor) Thermal noise in the perfect insulated diode with shallow traps under critical condition 311-313
articol de periodic RĂU, S. (autor) , BÎRJEGA, M. (autor) , POPESCU-POGRION, N. (autor) , SÎRBU, C. (autor) Structure and temperature coeffient of electrical resistance of flash evaporated CrNi thin films 315-317