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articol de periodic IOVA, I. (autor) , CAPOTĂ, P. (autor) , PORUMBESCU, S. (autor) On the excitation and ionization mechanisms in a hollow-cathode discharge in krypton and xenon gases, in the presence or absence of an applied magnetic field 781-793
articol de periodic COSTACHE, G. (autor) , DOROBANȚU, I. (autor) On the phenomenological theory of the coherent radiation of atoms-coupled-to-field systems 795-803
articol de periodic MINETTI, Mezzetti (autor) On the sliding friction at the interface between a fluid and a solid 805-814
articol de periodic BÎRSAN, R. (autor) Friging fields and interface states effects on incomplete charge transfer in charge-coupled devides 815-828
articol de periodic BORCEA, C. (autor) , BUȚĂ, A. (autor) , CÎRSTOIU-MĂRGINEANU, F. (autor) , CONSTANTINESCU, A. (autor) , GALERIU, A. (autor) , ISBĂȘESCU, A. (autor) , LAZĂR, I. (autor) , MIHAI, I. (autor) , MIHĂILESCU, I. (autor) , OSICEANU, P. (autor) , PETRAȘCU, M. (autor) , PETROVICI, M. (autor) , POPESCU, D. (autor) , SIMION, V. (autor) , VOICULESCU, G. (autor) , DUMITRESCU, O. (autor) , KICHTINA, I.N. (autor) Proton scattering on 238U and the probable isobaric analoque resonances 853-862
articol de periodic DUMITRESCU, R. (autor) , CIOCĂNEL, A. (autor) , CORCALCIUC, V. (autor) The reaction 10B(&,n)13N at 18-20 MeV 863-967
articol de periodic BUȚĂ, A. (autor) &-particle transfer calculations for reactions between heavy ions 869-875
articol de periodic GHOSH, N.C. (autor) A note on disturbances in a semi-infinite piezoelectric medium 877-888
articol de periodic BALABAN, Alexandru (autor) International Journal for Radiation Phy<siics and chemistry 889-889
articol de periodic PETRAȘCU, Marius (autor) Classical and quantum mechanical aspects on heavy ion collissions 889-891
articol de periodic VIȘINESCU, Mihai (autor) Quantum wlectrodynamics - Bialynucki-Birula Iwo, Bialynicra-Birula Zofia 891-892
articol de periodic GHEORGHIȚĂ, Ștefan (autor) Lie Algebras - Wan Zhe-Xian 892-892
articol de periodic GHEORGHIȚĂ, Ștefan (autor) Elements of Analycal Dynamics - Kurth Rudolf 893-893
articol de periodic PROTOPOPESCU, V. (autor) American Mathematical Physicist par excelence - Seeger Raymond, Gibbs Willard 893-894
articol de periodic DUMITRESCU, G. (autor) , HOLAN, S. (autor) , POPESCU, A. (autor) , POPESCU, D. (autor) , SĂNDULESCU, Aureliu (autor) Alpha decay of heavy and superheavy nuclei 929-851