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articol de periodic URSU, Ioan (autor) The Eueropean Physical Society on its 10th anniversary 567-568
articol de periodic PASCU, M. (autor) , CONSTANTINESCU, A. (autor) , PASCU, A. (autor) , DUMBRĂVEANU, Gheorghe (autor) Comparative characteristic data of several types of nitrogen lasers 569-578
articol de periodic IONESCU, V. (autor) Injection of a sheet relativistic electron beam into a plasma 579-586
articol de periodic CRISTEA, V. (autor) Thermo-electric power in Nb-doped rutile (TiO2) 587-594
articol de periodic MOROȘANU, C. (autor) Characterization of silicon nitrate films deposited from dichlorosilane and ammonia 595-606
articol de periodic CISMARU, D. (autor) , MOMÎRLAN, Magdalena (autor) X-ray investigations in some experiments of titanium oxidation in art ar different temperatures 607-611
articol de periodic ILONCA, Gheorghe (autor) The preparation and analysis of superconducting Nb-Ge films 613-620
articol de periodic ION, D. (autor) , NICHITIU, F. (autor) Observation of the shadowing and antishadowing effects in pion-nucleus interactions 621-625
articol de periodic MARTIN, D. (autor) , ILIESCU, E. (autor) , STIRBEȘ, M. (autor) , OPROIU, C. (autor) , VINȚAN, I. (autor) Systeme de guides d'ondes de l'accelerateur lineare d'electrons alin de 7 MeV pour utilisations medicales 635-651
articol de periodic GEORGESCU, Iulia (autor) , DEMIAN, Nelly (autor) , BUTUCESCU, Eva (autor) , BANU, C. (autor) On the radioactivity of Danube water and sediments duruing 1977 653-659
articol de periodic MOISIN, I. (autor) A divider/multiplier LSI module 661-664
articol de periodic MARINESCU, Liviu (autor) Atom and Ion Sources - Valyi L. 665-665
articol de periodic COTAE, C. (autor) Introduction to the Physics of fluids and Solids - Trefil J.S. 665-666
articol de periodic CIOBANU, G. (autor) Superconductivity in d-and f-band metals - Dou Glass David 666-666
articol de periodic LUPEI, Voicu (autor) Progress in Crystal Growth and Characterization 667-667
articol de periodic CRISTESCU, Cornelia (autor) Chinese Astronomy . A selected translation 667-668