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articol de periodic URSU, Ioan (autor) Șerban Țițeica at his 70th anniversary 671-672
articol de periodic URSU, Ioan (autor) , LUPEI, Voicu (autor) , LUPEI, A. (autor) High valency uranium in fluorite 673-681
articol de periodic MIHALACHE, Dumitru (autor) Green function approach to the calculation of the metal-insulator transition temperature 683-687
articol de periodic BURZO, Emil (autor) Magnetic peroprieties of Gd(CoxT1-x)2 compounds whiere T=Fe or Ni 689-701
articol de periodic GROSEANU, R. (autor) , VELTER-ȘTEFĂNESCU, M. (autor) , DRĂGHICESCU, P. (autor) Nuclear double resonance cross-relayation in solid NH4NO3 703-714
articol de periodic CASIMIR, H. (autor) Remaeks on the fine-structure constant 723-726
articol de periodic IONESCU-PALLAS, Nicolae (autor) , MAURER, J. (autor) , POPA, D. (autor) , BÎRNA, Oana (autor) Schrodinger-Pauli wave equation without approximation 727-742
articol de periodic GOTTLIEB, J. (autor) , CIUBOTARU, C.D. (autor) Mass of a test particle in a gravitational field and mach's principle 743-748
articol de periodic GHERMAN, Oliviu (autor) , SALIU, L. (autor) Singular orbits for the complexifield SU(5) algebra 743-755
articol de periodic MICELMACHER, G. (autor) , PONTECORVO, B. (autor) Evidence against axions from reaction experiments 749-763
articol de periodic SOLOVIEV, V.G. (autor) Semimicroscopic description of a few-quasi-particle components of the nuclear state wave functions at low, intermediate and excitation energies 777-786
articol de periodic URSU, Ioan. (autor) , DEMCO, D. (autor) , LUNGU, R. (autor) Spin-lattice relaxation of dipolar nuclear reservoir by the anisotropy of the chemical shilding tensor 787-821
articol de periodic SĂNDULESCU, Aureliu (autor) , SILIȘTEANU, I. (autor) One-body alpha decay widths and the desonance states 823-826
articol de periodic POENARU, Dorin (autor) , BUCURESCU, D. (autor) , IVAȘCU, Marin (autor) Potential energy of a system of two spherical nuclei 827-839
articol de periodic SĂNDULESCU, Aureliu (autor) , RIZEA, M. (autor) Highr order corrections to the point approximation of alpha reduced widths 841-853
articol de periodic BORCEA, C. (autor) , BRÎNCUȘ, I. (autor) , BUTA, A. (autor) , CERSCH, H.U. (autor) , LAZĂR, I. (autor) , MEYER, V. (autor) , PETRAȘCU, M. (autor) , PETROVICI, M. (autor) , SIMION, V. (autor) Particulatities of an isobaric analoque resonance in 67Ga 855-865
articol de periodic BERCEANU, I. (autor) , BORCEA, C. (autor) , BUȘA, A. (autor) , CONSTANTINESCU, A. (autor) , CÎRSTOIU, Florin (autor) , GALERIU, A. (autor) , GALAWEZ, K. (autor) , ISBĂȘESCU, A. (autor) , LAZĂR, I. (autor) , MARINESCU, Liviu (autor) , MIHAI, I. (autor) , MIHĂILESCU, I. (autor) , OSICEANU, P. (autor) , PETRAȘCU, M. (autor) , PETROVICI, M. (autor) , SIMION, V. (autor) , VOICULESCU, G. (autor) The 235U fission cross-section for 2200 m/s neutrons 867-883
articol de periodic PAVELESCU, M. (autor) , DUMITRESCU, H. (autor) , GHILEA, S. (autor) Operational research on a thermal power reactor ny means of a mathematical game model 885-893
articol de periodic PETRAȘCU, M. (autor) On a new possibility to obtain heavy ion beams of high intensity and charge 895-899
articol de periodic DINU, Liviu (autor) , POPESCU, IOAN-IOVITZ (autor) A contribution to the positive ion kinetics in the cathode fall of the abnormal glow discharge 901-917
articol de periodic DINU, Liviu (autor) Sur un modele d'interaction non lineaire dans un systeme dissipatif 919-933
articol de periodic IGNAT, Margareta (autor) , AGOP, M. (autor) The influence of the anisotropy of electrical propertzies on the propagation of plane waves in a radiative plasma 935-943
articol de periodic SCHMUTZER, Ernst (autor) Einige theoretische uberegungen zur westdrift und nordrift des globalen magnetfeldes der erde 945-952