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articol de periodic ADAM, Gheorghe (autor) A global numerical solution of the radial Schrodinger equation by second-order perturbation theory 951-969
articol de periodic BUCURESCU, D. (autor) , CONSTANTINESCU, G. (autor) , IVAȘCU, M. (autor) Potential energy surfaces for the even Sr, Zr and Ru isotopes 971-978
articol de periodic ALEXANDRESCU, Rodica (autor) , VELCULESCU, V.G. (autor) A study of the CO2 laser absorption in methyl iodide 979-982
articol de periodic ȘERBĂNESCU, Ruxandra (autor) The energy spectrum of haematoporphyrine complexes with chloranil and tryptophane 983-991
articol de periodic CUCULESCU, I. (autor) , ENACHE, A. (autor) , FLOREA, C. (autor) , IORGULESCU, R. (autor) Electro-optic color effect in binary compensated cholesteric mixtures with guest rhodamine 6G 993-999
articol de periodic FRUNZĂ, L. (autor) , UDREA, M. (autor) , UDREA, I. (autor) , NICOLESCU, I. (autor) Infrared investigation of pyridine adsorption and interaction with a Ni-Co-Cr/Al2O3 catalyst 1001-1005
articol de periodic FRUNZĂ, L. (autor) , IVĂNESCU, D. (autor) , PAPIOA, A. (autor) , CIOC, N. (autor) , NICOLESCU, I. (autor) Electron accepting siters on the surface of promoted Pt/Al2O3 catalysts 1007-1010
articol de periodic DEJU, R. (autor) , GEORGEONI, P. (autor) , ȚURCANU, C. (autor) , DOBOȘ, I. (autor) The influence of some factors upon forces transmission during UO2 powders compaction 1011-1021
articol de periodic BARNA, Aurelia (autor) , COHEN, J. (autor) , OCHIANĂ, Gabriela (autor) , ONCESCU, M. (autor) Mathematical modelling for selective determination of radionuclides distributed in a mediu 1023-1032
articol de periodic NICOROVICI-PORUMBARU, N. (autor) Applied inverse Problems - Sabatier P.C. 1033-1033
articol de periodic ALEXANDRESCU, Rodica (autor) Laser - Induced Processes in Molecules: Physics and Chemistry 1033-1035
articol de periodic VREJOIU, C. (autor) Quantum Mechanics (One - and Two-Electron Atoms - Bethe Hans, Salpeter Edwin 1035-1035
articol de periodic PROTOPESCU, V. (autor) Concise Dictionary of Physics and related subjects - Thelis J. 1035-1036
articol de periodic BADEA, Florin (autor) Reactions of Free Radicals produced from organic compounds in aqueous solution by means of Radiation - Swolow A.J. 1036-1037
articol de periodic CRISTESCU, Cornelia (autor) Vistas in Astronomy - Vol. 21 - Beer Arthur, Beer Peter 1037-1038
articol de periodic IOVA, Iancu (autor) Recent advances in electrothermal atomization-in graphite Furnace atomic absorption spectrometry - Sturgeon R.F., Chakrabarti C.L. 1038-1042