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articol de periodic MAHANTA, K.L. (autor) , BISWAL, A.K. (autor) A dark energy nodel with variable EoS parameter in self-creation theory of gravitation 239-
articol de periodic AL-JABER, Sami (autor) Solution ofv the radial N-dimensional Schrodinger equation using homotopy perturbation method 247-
articol de periodic KAUSER, M.A. (autor) On the equilibrium of static fluid spheres in general relativity 260-
articol de periodic KESKIN, A.I. (autor) Spin-1/2 particles in torsion gravity when a constant electric field is present 271-
articol de periodic NAJARBASHI, G. (autor) , MALEKI, Y. (autor) Entanglement in multi-qubit pure fermionic coherent states 279-
articol de periodic APOSTOL, Ion (autor) , IORDACHE, Dan (autor) Study of the Vliegenthart's stability condition of the FD schemes silulating the KdV solitons propagation 293-
articol de periodic RAMACHANDRAN, S. (autor) , VELRAJ, G. (autor) DF,FT-IR and FT-Raman investigations of 2-Chloro-5-nitrobenzyl alcohol 305-
articol de periodic JASSIM, Khalid (autor) Core polarization effects of some Odd sd-Shell Nuclei using M3Y effective nucleon-nucleon interaction 319-
articol de periodic ADAM, Daniela (autor) , STOICHIOIU, Ana (autor) Measurement of the equivalent individual doses for patients in Angiography procedure and interventional radiology with thermoluminiscent systems 330-
articol de periodic STOCHIOIU, A. (autor) , MIHAI, F. (autor) Occupational radiation protection quality and complementary of the individual passive dosimetert systems 337-
articol de periodic BURDUCEA, I. (autor) , IONESCU, C. (autor) , STRATICIUC, M. (autor) , CRĂCIUN, L. (autor) , RACOLȚA, P. (autor) , JIPA, Alexandru (autor) Characterization of Indium Nitrate and Zinc Oxide thin films by AFM and RBS 345-
articol de periodic DALAS, E. (autor) , MOUGOYANNIS, P. (autor) , SAKKOPOULOS, S. (autor) Effect of ZnO concentration on the structure and charge transport in Conductive Polypyrrole/ZnO x%w/w composites with x=10,20,30 and 40 354-
articol de periodic TOMA, O. (autor) , GEORGESCU, S. (autor) Selectively exited Er3+ lumininiscence in Calcium Lithium Niobium Gallium Garnet 365-
articol de periodic NAMVARAN, Mojtaba (autor) , NEGARESTANI, Ali (autor) Measurement of souble radon in jowshan Spa (SE of Iran) and study Its performance in Earthquake forecasting process 373-
articol de periodic DUMITRACHE, Cristiana (autor) , POPESCU, Nedelia (autor) The interpanetary mass ejections behaviour in the heliosphere 383-