Tip Realizatori Titlul articolui Secțiunea Pagina Limba
articol de periodic ANDREIAN, CAZACU (autor) On extremal quasiconformal mappings 1359-1365
articol de periodic BEREANU, Bernard (autor) Stochastic-parametric linear programs I 1367-1380
articol de periodic BOTEZ, Mihai (autor) Toward and informational econometrics 1381-1386
articol de periodic CEAUȘESCU, Zoia (autor) , FOIAȘ, Ciprian (autor) On intertwining dilations. III 1387-1396
articol de periodic CUCULESCU, I. (autor) Some constructions of Markov processes (I) 1397-1410
articol de periodic GRIGORESCU, Șerban (autor) On a class of generalized OM chains 1411-1414
articol de periodic GUIAȘU, Silviu (autor) The most random stochastic process corresponding to a given deterministic evolution 1415-1417
articol de periodic HERKENRATH, U. (autor) Markov processes under contituity assumptions 1419-1431
articol de periodic ILIESCU, Dan (autor) , VODĂ, Viorel (autor) Some interferences on Alpha distribution 1433-1439
articol de periodic IOSIFESCU, Marius (autor) A Poisson law for -mixing sequences establishing the Truth of a Doeblin's statement 1441-1447
articol de periodic MARCUS, Solomon (autor) Darboux property and formal languages 1449-1451
articol de periodic NICULESCU, Florentina (autor) , NICULESCU, Ștefan (autor) On Cgung's recuttence criterion and topological semifields 1453-1457
articol de periodic SPĂTARU, Aurel (autor) ( f )-Expansions of real numbers 1459-1469
articol de periodic STIHI, Teodor (autor) An example of ontological logic 1471-1476
articol de periodic SUCIU, Ion (autor) , VALUȘESCU, Ilie (autor) Essential parameters in prediction 1477-1495
articol de periodic TELEMAN, Silviu (autor) On the Baire probability measures with are pseudoconcentrated on the pure states set of a C*-algebra 1497-1505
articol de periodic TUDOR, Constantin (autor) A theorem concerning the inversion of time in a diddusion on a bounded domain 1507-1511
articol de periodic URSIANU, Emiliana (autor) Some extensions of the T-Method of multiple comparison 1513-1518
articol de periodic VRÎNCEANU, Gheorghe (autor) Tores et varietes differentiables 1519-1521