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articol de periodic VODĂ, Viorel (autor) The Emergence of Probability - Hacking Ian 289-490
articol de periodic BHATTACHARYYA, S.K. (autor) , LAHIRI, B.K. (autor) Rearrangent of convergent series in topological groups 293-298
articol de periodic BRUNNER, Gotz (autor) Hindernistheorie mit koeffizienten in garben von lokaled allgemeinen homotopliegruppen 299-332
articol de periodic DATTA, K.B. (autor) Computation of parameters in canonical forms of multivariable systems 333-344
articol de periodic OBERAI, Kirti (autor) Spectral mapping theorem for essential spectra 365-373
articol de periodic OPROIU, Vasile (autor) The d''-characteristic classes of the complex vector bundles 375-383
articol de periodic PLUCINSKA, Agniszka (autor) Some problems concerning the quasi-diffusion processes 403-412
articol de periodic MISHRA, Shankar (autor) , MOHAPATRA, Umakanta (autor) Oscillatory free convection flow of elastico-viscous liquid from a vertical plate 413-428
articol de periodic PREDA, Vasile (autor) Strict determination of a statistical decision problem 429-439
articol de periodic PU, H.H. (autor) , PU, H.W. (autor) , TENG, T.H. (autor) Conditions for the uniform continuity of a real function 441-444
articol de periodic ROUSSEAU, Ronny (autor) Le commutant d'une algebre de covariance 445-471
articol de periodic VAISH, S.K. (autor) , SRIVASTAVA, G.S. (autor) On the maximum term and its rank of an entire function of slow growth II 473-480
articol de periodic YAMASHITA, Shiji (autor) The normality of the derivative 481-484
articol de periodic ARSENE, Grigore (autor) Hilbert Space Operators 485-485
articol de periodic ARSENE, Grigore (autor) Ergodic theory - Introductory lectures - Walters Peter 485-486
articol de periodic DAVIDOVICIU, Adrian (autor) Theory of Program Structures: Schermes, Semantics, Verification - Greibach Sheila 486-486
articol de periodic ILIESCU, Dan (autor) Decomposition of Superpositions of Density Functions and Discrete Distribution - Medgyessy Pal 486-487
articol de periodic POP, Horia (autor) A classical invitation in algebraic numbers and class fields - Cohn Harvey 487-487
articol de periodic TROIE, Valeriu (autor) Invariant Manifolds - Hirsch M.W., Puch C.C., Shub M. 487-488
articol de periodic SÎMBOAN, G. (autor) Selection in One-and Two-Locus Systems - Nagylaki Thomas 488-488
articol de periodic TĂNĂSESCU, C. (autor) Unsolved problems concerning lattice points - Hammer Joseph 488-489
articol de periodic VASILESCU, F.H. (autor) Abstract Analytic Theory and Hardy Albegras - Barbey Klaus, Koning Heintz 489-489
articol de periodic VERONA, Andrei (autor) Topologie und Alalysis - Boo B. 490-490