Tip Realizatori Titlul articolui Secțiunea Pagina Limba
articol de periodic ALBU, Toma (autor) , PANAITOPOL, Laurențiu (autor) Quartic field extensions with no proper intermediate field .1-11
articol de periodic BUNECI, Mădălina (autor) Invariant means on groupoids 13-29
articol de periodic CHILL, Ralph (autor) Operators Co(R;Y) X and asymptotic behaviour of abstract delay equations 31-54
articol de periodic GIRARDIN, Valeri (autor) , RACHDI, Mustapha (autor) , SENOUSSI, Rachid (autor) Spectral representation for processess on a regular semigroup via extension to a group 55-60
articol de periodic PREDA, Vasile (autor) , NICULESCU, Cristian (autor) Optimality conditions and duality for multiojective programs involving local arcwise connected and generalized connected functions 61-79
articol de periodic PREPELIȚĂ, Valeriu (autor) Criteria of reachability for 2D contuous-discrete systems 81-93
articol de periodic ROUYER, Joel (autor) On farthest points on riemannian manifolds homeomorphic to the 2-dimensional sphere 95-103
articol de periodic TĂTĂRÎM, Sanda (autor) An extension of the double recursion theorem of R.M. Robinson 105-111
articol de periodic TRIPSIANNIS, G. (autor) , PHILIPPOU, A. (autor) The unifield multivariate polya-inverse poly distribution of order k 113-121
articol de periodic SEBE, S. (autor) Stochastic Analysis, Control, Optimization and Applications - McEneaney William, Yin George, Zhang Qing 123-123
articol de periodic CHIȚESCU, Ion (autor) Stability of Functional Equations in Several Variables - Hyers Donald, Isac George, Rassias Themistocles 123-123
articol de periodic PAȘA, Gelu (autor) Optimal Control of Partial Differential Equations - Hoffmann K.H., Leugering G., Trotzsch F. 124-124
articol de periodic DRĂGAN, Vasile (autor) Dynamical Systems, Control, Coding, Computer Vision - Gillian David, Picci Giorgio 125-126
articol de periodic SEBE, S. (autor) Recent Trends in Nonlinear Analysis - Appell Jurgen 126-126
articol de periodic POPA, Nicolae (autor) C*-Algebras - Constantinescu Corneliu 126-127