Ziridava, XXIX, 2015, seria Studia Archaeologica

Tip Realizatori Titlul articolui Secțiunea Pagina Limba
articol de periodic BADER, Tiberius (autor) Egon Dorner, Forscher des Grossraumes Arad (1925-1993)
articol de periodic PĂDUREAN, Eugen (autor) He was my "professor"
articol de periodic SAVA, Victor (autor) Bodrogkeresztur and Baden Discoveries from Sînpetru German, Arad County
articol de periodic POP, Xenia (autor) Archaeozoological Data Regarding the Osteological Material from the Baden Settlement in Săntana "Cetatea Vexhe" (arad Ciznty
articol de periodic MOTTA, Laura (autor) , NICODEMUS, Amy (autor) , O'SHEA, John (autor) Archaeological Investigations at Pecica "Șanțul Mare" 2013-2014
articol de periodic BERZOBAN, Alexandru (autor) Observations Regarding the Dacian Discoveries made on the site of Zăbrani "La Pîrneavă", Arad County (first-second century A.D.)
articol de periodic CRISTEA, Ștefana (autor) "Omnia mutantur, nihil interit". About a funeral statue from Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa
articol de periodic OPREA, Ioan (autor) New Bone Hairpins Discovered on the Territory of Colonia Aurelia Apulensis
articol de periodic MATEI, Dan (autor) The Roman castra from Dacia during the "Military Anarchy" time II. Their Baths and the Issue of External Dislocations of the Province's Troops in this Interval
articol de periodic GRUMEZA, Lavinia (autor) Cloisonne Brooches Discovered in Banat (Beginning of the Second Century A.D. - Last Third of the Third Century A.D.
articol de periodic BĂCUEȚ-CRIȘAN, Dan (autor) , MĂRGINEAN, Florin (autor) Archaeological Disciveries from the Period of the Dark Millenium in Felnac "Complexul Zootenic" (Arad County)
articol de periodic BAJKAI, Rozalia (autor) The Latest Findings of the Research of Avar Age Settlements in the Region of Hajdusag
articol de periodic DRAGOTĂ, Aurel (autor) Twisted Wire Bracelets with Looped Ends in the Danube Basin (10-11th Centuries)
articol de periodic GÁLL, Erwin (autor) , MĂRGINEAN, Florin (autor) Șicău (hung: Siklo) "Gropoaie" (arad County). A burial Ground Section from the Mid - 10th Century in the Basin of Lower Crișul Alb (hung: Feher Koros)
articol de periodic BĂCUEȚ-CRIȘAN, Dan (autor) Elites, Local Power Centers in the Chronicle of Anonymous and Archaeological Realities in the Area of Meseș Cate around the Year 1000
articol de periodic GÁLL, Erwin (autor) The archaeological research state of 9/10-11th centuries in Moldova /Romania). Some thoughts on funerary places and stray finds (axes)
articol de periodic OȚA, Silviu (autor) Dress Items found in Fortifications from Banat
articol de periodic NICULESCU, Gheorghe (autor) , OȚA, Liana (autor) , OȚA, Silviu (autor) Items Discovered during the 1983 Campaign in the Workshop no-3 from the Fortification of Cladova (Comm. Of Paulis, Arad County)
articol de periodic DEMJEN, Andrea (autor) , GOGÎLTAN, Florin (autor) Archaeological Researches in Gheorgheni (Harghita County) and its surroundings (2009-2013, 2015)
articol de periodic TĂNASE, Daniela (autor) Archaeological Researches Performed at Cenad (Timiș County) during the 19th Century and in the Beginning of the 20th Century