Mihail Kogălniceanu şi legitimarea titluriloe suverane ale României asupra Dunării, la 1880

  • Subiect: Summary: In December 1879, at the European Commission of Danube, it was proposed that „a committee” including the delegates of Austria-Hungary, Germany and Italy has to elaborate an „avant-project of the navigations settlements for the Danubian Sector from the Iron Gates to Galatz. In that „committee” were counting very much the Austria-Hungary’s interests. In accordance with the Treaty of Berlin (art. LV), the European Commission was mandated to elaborate those settlements. The „committee of three States” seemed as a deviation from the clauses of that Treaty, or as an doubtful expedient. Its contest happened to be expressed primarly by the Romania, a State whose „Danubian rights” were seriously hurted. It was the occasion for M. Kogălniceanu, with his vocation of the politician, historian and lawyer, to express an opinion of special reference in the issue of the legitimation of Romania’s sovereign titles on Danube.
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