Eforturi pentru creşterea gradului de înzestrare a armatei în perioada neutralităţii (1914-1916)

  • Subiect: Looking to obtain the Romanian inhabited territories belonging of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Romanian rulers were searching for a better alliance solution and for improving the army endowment. In the period of neutrality (1914 – 1916), a lot of efforts were made to assure the material needed for the number of soldiers that Romania can put in line. Alongside the orders placed in potential allied countries, our representatives tried to acquire weapons and ammunitions especially, from the neutrals. All these efforts were hardened because the countries in conflict had their own needs, while the costs of the market available equipment rose to speculative values. The goods were transported by our commercial fleet, which growth in those forty years after independence gaining, but the war seas became very dangerous areas, conducting to ship loses and requisitions. In the other hand many orders, for equipment especially, were placed in local industry, mobilized at capacity. The work paper presents this last-hour activity concerning the material base of the Romanian national reunion war.
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  • Vezi publicația: Acta Moldaviae Meridionalis: ActaMM
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  • Anul publicaţiei: 2016
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