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articol de periodic MUNTEAN, I. (autor) , TOMOZEIU, N. (autor) , ION, L. (autor) , TAYED, H. (autor) On the switching and memory phenomena in amorphous InSe thin films 165-476
articol de periodic IOVA, Iancu (autor) Foreword 387-388
articol de periodic BEȘLIU, Călin (autor) , JIPA, Alexandru (autor) , ZAHARIA, Radu (autor) Modification of the rest mass of the particles generated from dense and hot nuclear matter 389-395
articol de periodic LAZANU, I. (autor) , MIHUL, Alexandru (autor) Elementary particle systematics (exotic states) 397-408
articol de periodic TUDORA, A. (autor) , SIN, M. (autor) , VLĂDUCĂ, G. (autor) A phenomenological deformed optical potential equivalent with the microscopic models used in coupled channels calculations for n + 239Pu 409-414
articol de periodic SIN, M. (autor) , TUDORA, A. (autor) , VLĂDUCĂ, Gheorghe (autor) Fission probabilities calculation code 415-425
articol de periodic DULIU, Octavian (autor) Computer simulation of the electron paramagnetic resonance spectra in polycrystalline and vitreous samples 427-435
articol de periodic VICOVEANU, G. (autor) , DULIU, Octavian (autor) Automatic acquisition and analysis of the electron paramagnetic resonance spectra 437-440
articol de periodic CIONGA, Aurelia (autor) , VĂTĂȘESCU, Mihaela (autor) , FIFIRIG, Magda (autor) , FLORESCU, Viorica (autor) Analytic approach to three-photon 1s-continuum transitions in hydrogen 441-446
articol de periodic IORDACHE, D. (autor) , DELSANTO, P. (autor) , KANIADAKIS, G. (autor) , SCALERTANDI, M. (autor) Study of different random walk simulations of boson kinetics in one dimensional lattices 447-454
articol de periodic OPRIȘ, Ioan (autor) Neural networks with nonmonotonic neurons 455-464
articol de periodic POP, Tatiana (autor) , IORDACHE, D. (autor) , POP, I. (autor) , IONESCU, Doinița (autor) Thermally stimulated depolarization currents in polyethylene terephthalate films 473-581
articol de periodic STĂRBĂȚ, I. (autor) , CONE, G. (autor) , POP, I. (autor) , POPESCU, I. (autor) , PUICĂ, I. (autor) , STEPĂNESCU, A. (autor) Low frequency excess noise in the high temperature superconductor Y-Ba-Cu-O system 477-485
articol de periodic POP, I. (autor) , STIRBĂȚ, I. (autor) New critical state model for high-Tc superconductors 487-495
articol de periodic DAFINEI, Adrian (autor) , IOANID, Ana (autor) On the modelling of thermomagnetic cooling 497-505
articol de periodic TOMOZEIU, N. (autor) , LAUWERENS, W. (autor) , TOMOZEIU, Mariana (autor) Optical properties of amorphous carbon 507-513
articol de periodic LEONOVICI, Minola (autor) , MIHAI, V. (autor) , ȘTEFLEA, Maria (autor) , AMARANDE, Luminița (autor) The dimensions of potential barriers in Y and Dr doped BaTiO3 515-521
articol de periodic IONESCU, A. (autor) The critical electric field of a new synthesized organo-metallic liquid crystal 523-528
articol de periodic ALEXE-IONESCU, A. (autor) , IONESCU, A. (autor) Measuring the birefringence of a nematic liquid crystal at temperatures very close to the clearing point 529-533
articol de periodic GRECU, V. (autor) , CHIPARA, M. (autor) , GEORGESCU, I. (autor) Irradiation effects on polymers 535-547
articol de periodic GEORGESCU, L. (autor) , BARB, Dănilă (autor) , GRECU, V. (autor) , CHIPARA, M. (autor) Molecular motions in polymers around the glass transition temperature 549-554
articol de periodic MUNTEAN, I. (autor) , CHIPARA, M. (autor) , GRECU, V. (autor) , ION, L. (autor) ESR studies on semiconducting systems 555-560
articol de periodic CONSTANTINESCU, Livia (autor) , BERLIC, C. (autor) Non exponential relaxations in polymers 561-571