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articol de periodic MIHALACHE, Dumitru (autor) , PĂNOIU, N. (autor) , MAZILU, N. (autor) , MOLDOVEANU, F. (autor) , BABOIU, D. (autor) Perturbative effects in the evolution of solitons of a higher order nonlinear Schrodinger equation 457-469
articol de periodic DINCULESCU, Antonie (autor) Apparent universal relationship between the constituent masses of regular systems and their distraces from the center of gravity 471-480
articol de periodic STOICA, S (autor) , MIHUȚ, I. (autor) Higher-order QRPA for charge-changing processes 481-494
articol de periodic MIREA, Mihail (autor) Estimations des temps de vie pour trois types de processus de desintegration nucleaire du noyau 238Pu 495-514
articol de periodic VLĂDUCĂ, Gheorghe (autor) , TUDORA, A. (autor) , SIN, M. (autor) Parameters used in coupled channel calculations for the neutron interaction with actinides 515-526
articol de periodic POPESCU, Lucrețiu (autor) Electron bremsstrahlung restricted stopping power and restricted cross-sections formulas 527-535
articol de periodic TUMBAR, R. (autor) Small amplitude vibrations measuring systems 537-560
articol de periodic TOMA, M. (autor) , BIBOROSCH, L. (autor) , CURTEANU, Mihaela (autor) Standing striations as a series of double layers induced in a positive column by a transverse magnetic field 561-569
articol de periodic GHERBANOVSCHI, N. (autor) , STOICAN, O. (autor) The oscilator-plasma coupling. The inductive discharge equivalent circuit 571-577
articol de periodic GOLDENBLUM, A. (autor) , OPREA, A. (autor) , BOGATU, V. (autor) On the electrical conductivity of ZnO thin films 579-584
articol de periodic BÎRJEGA, M. (autor) , ALEXE, M. (autor) , SÎRBU, C. (autor) Single amorphous CrNi(65:35), CrNi(50:50) and CrNi(40:60) thin films EF sputtered in high argon pressure onto heated alkali halide substrates 585-591
articol de periodic PETEANU, M. (autor) , ARDELEAN, I. (autor) , FILIP, S. (autor) , ALEXANDRU, D. (autor) EPR of Mn2+ ions in 70FeO2-25B2=3-5PbO flasses 593-601
articol de periodic POP, Iuliu (autor) Magnetic properties of Ti-Fe solid solutions 603-609