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articol de periodic POENARU, Dorin (autor) Preface 167-169
articol de periodic FLORESCU, A. (autor) , SĂNDULESCU, Aureliu (autor) , DELION, D. (autor) , HAMILTON, J. (autor) , RAMAYYA, A.V. (autor) , GREINER, W. (autor) Preformation probabilities for light ternary cluster in the cold fragmentation of 252Cf 171-176
articol de periodic SILIȘTEANU, I. (autor) , SCHEID, W. (autor) , SĂNDULESCU, Aureliu (autor) Alpha half-lives of superheavy nuclei wutrh Z=104-118 and N=163-175 produced in the reaction of 86Kr with 208Pb 177-184
articol de periodic MIȘICU, Șerban (autor) , HESS, P.O. (autor) , GREINER, W. (autor) Rotations and vibrations of trinuclear molecules 185-189
articol de periodic MIREA, Mihail (autor) Single-particle effects in the fine structure of suprasymmetric fission 191-194
articol de periodic DOBRESCU, B. (autor) Nuclear shape parameterization for multicluster fission 195-200
articol de periodic GUDIH, M.R. (autor) Simultaneous profection of particle-number and angular momentum BCS wave-functions in the rare-earth nuclei 201-204
articol de periodic ANDREOIU, Corina (autor) , RUDOLPH, D. (autor) , SVENSSON, C. (autor) , BAKTASH, C. (autor) , EBERTH, J. (autor) , FAHLANDER, C. (autor) , HASLIP, D.S. (autor) , LAFOSSE, D. (autor) , PAUL, S. (autor) , SARANTITES, D. (autor) , THOMAS, R. (autor) , WADDINGTON, I. (autor) , WEINTRAUB, W. (autor) , WILSON, J. (autor) The yrast superdeformed band in 59Cu 205-209
articol de periodic ROMANOV, V. (autor) , FILIPOV, G. (autor) On the structure of deuterons under their collision 211-214
articol de periodic GRAMA, Cornelia (autor) A new approach of a global alpha-optical model potential at low energies 215-218
articol de periodic GRAMA, N. (autor) New class resonant states corresponding to attractors in the k-plane. Di-nuclear quasimolecular states 219-222
articol de periodic GRAMA, N. (autor) Rieman surface approach to bound and resonant states. Exotic resonant states for a central rectangular potential 223-225
articol de periodic SYTCHEVA, Arina (autor) , FILIPOV, G. (autor) , KORENNOV, S.V. (autor) Abvout classical motion of nucleon wave packets 227-230
articol de periodic RĂDUȚĂ, Alexandru (autor) , RĂDUȚĂ, A. (autor) Various aspects concerning the nuclear caloric curve 231-235
articol de periodic FILIPOV, G.F. (autor) Soft dipole mode of 6He in asymptotic potential aproximation 237-240
articol de periodic BORDEANU, Cristina (autor) Importance of wave function tail in computing the pre-emission probability for the halo neutron from 11Be fusion with lifgt and heavy targets 241-243
articol de periodic GRAMA, Cornelia (autor) Charged-particle induced thermonuclear reaction rates: a compilation for astrophysics 245-247
articol de periodic BRÎNCUS, Ileana (autor) Muons as messengers from the cosmos 249-253
articol de periodic VULPESCU, B. (autor) , WENTZ, J. (autor) , BRÎNCUȘ, I. (autor) , REBEL, H. (autor) , BADEA, A. (autor) , BOZDOG, H. (autor) , DUMA, M. (autor) , HAUNGS, A. (autor) , MATHES, H.J. (autor) , PETCU, M. (autor) , ROTH, M. (autor) Measurements of the charge ratio of atmospheric muons in the range 0,2-1,0 GeV/c by observing the decay electrons from muonic atoms 255-261
articol de periodic BADEA, A. (autor) What do we learn about the longitudinal development of extensive air showers in the atmosphere by observing the arrival time of the nuon component? 263-265
articol de periodic DANIȘ, Ana (autor) , CIUBOTARIU, Mariana (autor) , ENULESCU, Alexandru (autor) , CIORTEA, C. (autor) The main achievements in the atomic and nuclear physics research using the track detection 267-277
articol de periodic DOBRESCU, S. (autor) , SCHACHTER, L. (autor) , BĂDESCU-SINGUREANU, Alexandru (autor) , STIEBING, K. (autor) , RUNKEL, S. (autor) Study and development of the 14GHz ECR ion source recris for atomic physics and meterial researches 279-283
articol de periodic BERCEANU, S. (autor) , GHEORGHE, A. (autor) Boson expantions for Kahler orbits 285-288
articol de periodic GRIGORE, D. (autor) On the quantification of free fields of spin 1 and 2 289-295
articol de periodic CÎRSTEA, Adrian (autor) , GRECU, Dan (autor) , VIȘINESCU, Anca (autor) Multiple scales and bilinear aproach for 1-D nomlinear nonlinear latices 301-307
articol de periodic CÎRSTEA, Adrian (autor) Weakly localized and supersymmetric structures in nonlinear involution equations 309-313
articol de periodic ISAR, Aureliu (autor) Purity and decoherence in the theory of open quantum systems 315-318
articol de periodic ISAR, Aureliu (autor) Dissipative tunneling through a potential Barrier in the Lindblad theory of open quantum systems 319-321
articol de periodic BĂLEANU, D. (autor) Lax tensors and separable coordinates 323-326
articol de periodic ROTĂRESCU, Gheorghe (autor) National facilities for the management of institutional radioactive waste in Romania 327-330
articol de periodic ENE, Daniela (autor) , ROTĂRESCU, Gheorghe (autor) The behaviour evaluation of wwrs IFIN-HH reactor spent fuel characteristics using the scale 4.3 computational system 331-335
articol de periodic RACOLȚA, P. (autor) , MIRON, N. (autor) , POPA, Simil (autor) , VOICULESCU, Dana (autor) Project of position source at the U-120 cyclotron Bucharest. Status report 337-339
articol de periodic ANGARANO, M. (autor) , BILEI, G. (autor) , MIHUL, Alexandru (autor) , MILITARU, Otilia (autor) Low resistivity substrates for the silicon microstrips sensors optimisation 341-344
articol de periodic DINU, Nicoleta (autor) , ANTONOVA, I. (autor) , SKURATOV, V.A. (autor) , OBODNIKOV, V.I. (autor) , DIDYK, A.Y. (autor) , SAFRONOV, L.N. (autor) High-energy heavy-ion irradiation effect on the boron redistribution in silicon 345-348
articol de periodic BRAZDES, Livia (autor) A method for elementar analysis of bones by recoiling atoms in heavy ion beams 349-351
articol de periodic RUSU, Alexandru (autor) , ALDICA, G. (autor) , NICULESCU, Alexandru (autor) , RADU, Alina (autor) , POPA, S. (autor) HTS Zimmerman SQUIDs, associated electronics and some anomalies 353-359
articol de periodic PETRAȘCU, Horia (autor) Multiple sampling ionization chamber (music) for fusion induced by halo nuclei investigations 361-363
articol de periodic PETRAȘCU, Marius (autor) Array detector for neutron pre-emission investigations 365-367
articol de periodic CÎMPEAN, A. (autor) Surveillance system at IFIN-HH using gamma probe SI-01 369-369
articol de periodic PURGHEL, L. (autor) , VÎLCOV, N. (autor) Statistical discrimination based monitor for radioactive gases and vapors 371-274
articol de periodic VÎLCOV, Nicolae (autor) , PURGHEL, L. (autor) , VASILESCU, A. (autor) A radon monitor with statistical discrimination functional model 375-379
articol de periodic WENTZ, J. (autor) The role of muons for the atmospheric neutrino anolaly 389-258
articol de periodic GULER, Y. (autor) Hamilton-Jacobi formulation of constrained systems 797-300