Politică şi religie. Înfiinţarea Episcopiei Greco-Catolice a Maramureşului (1930)

  • Subiect: Politics and religion. The foundation of the Greek-Catholic Bishopric of Maramures (1930) The file of the foundation of the Greek-Catholic Bishopric of Maramures is a complex one, whose pages begin with the affirmation of the idea within the background of the Romanian petitionary frenzy of the late 18th century (1790). Sixty years later, the history was very close to write down the formation of the bishopric in Baia Mare, but the decisional factors changed their initial option and they selected the city of Gherla as the residence of the new structure. The 20th century brought the achievement of the desideratum, the Concordat concluded in 1927 between the Holy See and Romania aiming at the foundation of a new diocese ”in the North”, whose residence was to be established by common agreement of both signatory parties. The period of time between 1927-1930 recorded the ”battle” for this, Baia Mare was preferred by the governmental decision bodies, while Sighetul was finally supported by the Greek-Catholic Episcopate. The dilemma was solved through the papal bull Sollemni Conventione (5th of June, 1930) which stated the foundation of the episcopate with residence in Baia Mare, the provisions of the Concordat being thus transformed into reality.
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  • Secţiunea: Arheologie-Istorie; Archaeology-History
  • Vezi publicația: Acta Terrae Fogarasiensis
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  • Anul publicaţiei: 2016
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