Ziridava, XXVIII, 2014, seria Studia Archaeologica

Tip Realizatori Titlul articolui Secțiunea Pagina Limba
articol de periodic PÎSLARU, Ion (autor) , POZHIDAEV, Vitaly (autor) Percentages in the Study of neolithic Pottery
articol de periodic SZEKELY, Zsolt (autor) Contributions to the history of archaeological research in Macea, the settlement in Topita (Arad County)
articol de periodic GHEMIS, Călin (autor) , KOVACS, Robert (autor) , RUS, Tudor (autor) Between sacred and profane - a discovery belonging to the Coțofeni Culture inside "Stanu Cerbului" cave (Bihor Conty)
articol de periodic ANDREICA, Luminița (autor) , GOGÎLTAN, Florin (autor) , POP, Xenia (autor) , SAVA, Victor (autor) Aut of ordinary or common burial practice? A Funerary Discovery from the Baden Settlent at Sîntana "Cetatea Veche)
articol de periodic ANDREICA, Luminița (autor) Musculoskeletal Markers as evidence of Physical Activity and Social Differentiatiation in the Lower Mureș Valley during the Late Bronze Age
articol de periodic BERZOVAN, Alexandru (autor) Preliminary Considerations on the Dacian Habitation in Vărădia De Mureș "Dealul Cetate", arad County /2nd century BC - 1 st century A.D.)
articol de periodic CRISTEA, Ștefana (autor) "I am Horus the Savior". Representations of Horus-Harpokrates in Roman Dacia
articol de periodic SZABO, Casaba (autor) Notes on the Mithraic small finds from Sarmizegetusa
articol de periodic BOUNEGRU, George (autor) , SAVA, Victor (autor) , SZABO, Casaba (autor) Mithras rediscovered. Notes on CIMRM 1938
articol de periodic KAPCSOS, Norbert (autor) The Sarmatian Graves of the 4R Archaeological Site Dated to the Third-Fourth century A.D. Additional Data on the Sarmation Burial in the Lower Mureș Region
articol de periodic BĂCUEȚ-CRIȘAN, Dan (autor) On the Two-Room Dwelling from Precinct IV of the Early Medieval Fortification in Dăbîca )Cluj County) and the Chronology of the First Stage of Fortification
articol de periodic DRAGOTĂ, Aurel (autor) Eggs as Offwrings in Tenth-Eleventh Century Necropolises
articol de periodic KEREKES, Gyorgy (autor) , SZATMARI, Imre (autor) Medieval Villages in the Fields Surrounding Mezohegyes
articol de periodic GÁLL, Erwin (autor) The Significance of the Sites "Așezare" and "Necropolă" on "Dealul Viilor" in the Development of Habitat on the Micro-area of Sighișoara during the Middle Ages (Twelfth-Thirteenth Century). Human Landscape of the Sighișoara Region from the 12th-13th Centu
articol de periodic NIȚOI, Anca (autor) , URDUZIA, Claudia (autor) Elements of Fortification of the Medieval and Early Modern City of Sibiu. The Rower Gate and Gate's Bastion. Historical and Archaeological Considerations
articol de periodic KOPECZNY, Zsuzsanna (autor) , MĂRGINEAN, Florin (autor) Medieval Stove Tiles in the Collection of the Museum of Banat Discovered in the Fortification of Șoimuș (Arad County)