Diploma de înnobilare cu blazon acordată de principele Mihail Apafi I lui Toma Trâmbiţaş din Ţara Făgăraşului

  • Subiect: The ennoblement diploma with grant of arms conffered by prince Michael Apafi I to Toma the Trumpeter from the land of Făgăraş During the 17th century there existed in Transylvania a category of Romanians, free people or serfs, usually of modest condition and generally courtiers of the Transylvanian princes, who by distinguishing themselves militarily or politically were able to claim accession to the nobility. Their ennoblement was made without them being required to own an imposing residence and without endowments (such as lands), but they were assigned coats of arms and specific privileges. Against the background of the frequent wars waged in the 17th century, the Transylvanian princes’ soldiers and courtiers whose acts of bravery led to their ennoblement got to constitute a significant group of small Romanian nobles. Ennoblement diplomas with grant of arms (which may or may not have been depicted in the act) were issued in Transylvania mostly during the 17th century and especially during the reigns of princes George Rákóczi I, George Rákóczi II and Michael Apafi I (known as the “armorial” princes). Within the present study a specific analysis is made of an ennoblement diploma issued by the chancellery of Prince Michael Apafi I on 1 August 1633, from the capital city Sibiu. Through the princely letter the brave Toma the Trumpeter was conferred nobiliary rights and privileges as a reward for “his faith and loyal services”. The document has undergone physical-chemical analyses with the view of its restoration.
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  • Secţiunea: Arheologie-Istorie
  • Vezi publicația: Acta Terrae Fogarasiensis: ActaTF
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  • Anul publicaţiei: 2015
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