The initial assessment- between theory and practice, under the modernisation challenge

  • TITLU în română: Evaluarea initială- între teorie şi practică, pe fondul provocărilor modernizării
  • Subiect: This article contains four sections: the first refers to the new paradigm of assessment, influenced by the postmodern society, the second is focused on issues of methodology of the initial assessment, the third presents the conclusions of a case study: the initial evaluation organized by the Ministry of Education in Romania and the fourth consists in disseminating an example of good practice in terms of filling the school documents. Modernisation is a concern of evaluation theorists and teachers over the past two decades. Focusing on the formative aspect of assessment is contrary to the traditional perspective, based on appearance summative, quantitative, quantifiable evaluation. The article presents the best recommendations for adapting and customizing the evaluation for meeting the new educational requirements. The initial assessment is a fundamental step of any learning program. Realizing its educational value, the Romanian Ministry of Education has developed an uniform process of school practices aimed at initial assessment. Amid efforts to modernize the school assessment, pertinent analysis may reveal strengths and weaknesses ofthe educational authorities of Romania's strategy. Noting the large number of school documents, reports, which must be filled by teachers at the end of the evaluative process, I suggest an electronic template to record the findings. This tool can be used both in recording student progress and explaining the grades awarded in school evaluation.
  • Limba de redactare: română, engleză
  • Secţiunea: Didactică, metodică şi management educaţional
  • Vezi publicația: Studii şi Articole de Istorie: SAI
  • Anul publicaţiei: 2012
  • Referinţă bibliografică pentru nr. revistă: 79; anul 2012
  • Paginaţia: 159-175
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