Istoricul cercetărilor arheologice a sitului de la Sobari (r. Soroca)

  • Subiect: History of archaeological research of the Sobari (r. Soroca) The site of Sobari (r. Soroca) was discovered in 1950 by researcher G. Fedorov and investigated during systematic archeological diggings throughout several expeditions, which can be distinguished by authority holders in the following stages: Ėmanuil Rikman, includes the 1960s-70s when the ruins of the enclosure and stone building were discovered, various sets of construction attributed to Sântana de Mureş-Černjachov culture have been examined and the determination of housing levels and chronological site limits; the Ion Niculiţă stage begun in the early 1990s lead to the complete investigation of the stone building and the interior of the stone enclosure, collection of important remains used for dating of the site which largely confirmed the results of previous research. In 2009 the examination continued with non-invasive methods based on a geomagnetic scan performed by Al. Popa. Starting 2013, the author becomes responsible for the research at Sobari; the two expeditions primarily focused on the study of the stone enclosure and the area of the site located to the south of the lakes.
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  • Vezi publicația: Acta Terrae Fogarasiensis: ActaTF
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