Brukenthal Acta Musei: ActaMB, VIII, nr. în TOM: 1, 2013, seria Istorie

Tip Realizatori Titlul articolui Secțiunea Pagina Limba
articol de periodic LUCA SABIN, Adrian (autor) For remembering - In the memory of Florian Dumitrescu-Chioar (1984-2012) .7-10 engleză
articol de periodic LUCA SABIN, Adrian (autor) , LUCA, Adrian (autor) , MARȚIȘ, Florentina (autor) , TUDORIE, Anamaria (autor) "The ritual consecration" of the first neolithic colonization from Romania . The Pits Sanctuary from Cristian I, Sibiu County Part I. The Foundation .11-27 engleză
articol de periodic DIACONESCU, Dragoș (autor) The re-evaluation of the some archaeological items discovered in Cîlnic ( Alba County) 29-56 engleză
articol de periodic LUCA SABIN, Adrian (autor) , NATEA, Gheorghe (autor) , PALAGHIE, Vasile (autor) Dacian fibulae from Miercurea Sibiuului IV Site. Sibiu-Orăștie highway, section 3 57-62 engleză
articol de periodic MUNTEANU, Claudiu (autor) Is the Dacian fortress of Tilișca represented on the Traja's Column in scene CXI ? 63-68 engleză
articol de periodic TOMEGEA, George (autor) On possible double bi-ritual grave in Transylvania 69-77 engleză
articol de periodic PINTER ZENO, Karl (autor) The Rotunda from Huet Square in Sibiu 79-98 engleză
articol de periodic BODOCHI, Ioan (autor) , ROMAN, Delia-Maria (autor) History of research on the Corvins' Castle in Hunedoara 99-106 engleză
articol de periodic POP, Răzvan (autor) Ethnic, civiland and military cemeteries in Sibiu Throughout the 17th-18th centuries 107-120 engleză
articol de periodic FRÎNCU, Raluca (autor) Neigbourhood sings - from the collection of National Museum of Bruckenthal - Altemberger House (17th-19th centuries) 121-130 engleză
articol de periodic ANDRIESCU, Bogdan (autor) Contributions to the old romanian bibliography. Szecheny Budapesta National Library 131-137 engleză
articol de periodic STROIA, Ruxandra-Ioana (autor) Several issues regarding the conservation and restzoration of a group comprised from archaeological leather objects found in the Brukenthal National Museum Collection 643-652 engleză
articol de periodic BERNATH ANDREA, Gabriela (autor) Towards a risk-based approach to preventive conservation at the Astra National Museum Complex 653-673 engleză
articol de periodic BARBU, Dorin (autor) Firearms restoration and preservation 675-686 engleză
articol de periodic CURSARU-HERLEA SIMONA, Maria (autor) Testing of substances and materials used in restoration - An important condition to prevent subsequent degradation 687-697 engleză
articol de periodic GALON, Teodor (autor) Portrait of a gentleman overpainting: the use to create historical art fakes 699-706 engleză
articol de periodic DORDEA, Camelia (autor) , SOTELECAN, Carmen (autor) , STĂNCULESCU, Simona (autor) The wet cleaning of a praying carpet "of Transilvania" from the second half of the 17th century 707-715 engleză
articol de periodic MUNTEAN, Ioan (autor) Landscape in Balchik 717-725 engleză
articol de periodic COMAN SIPEANU, Olimpia (autor) , SCĂRLĂTESCU, Cristina (autor) The restoration of the icon with the theme deisis, from the "Sub Piatră" Monastery, Alba County 727-736 engleză
articol de periodic SCĂRLĂTESCU, Constantin (autor) Specific restoration problems of gilded frames from the collections of the Brukenthal National Museum 737-743 engleză
articol de periodic BUCUR, Mirel (autor) Radiological analysis and restoration interventions for wooden icon "Madona with Child" from the colletion of the Prahova County History and archeology Museum 745-758 engleză